Monday, September 5, 2011

My first quilt

I finally fished my first quilt! I have been working on this Crazy Quilt using the Moda Countdown to Christmas line. It turned out to be a nice sized lap quilt. Last you saw I had a top and bottom to it, but now it is sandwiched with batting, sewn together by stitching in the ditch and bound using the green snowflake fabric.

Of course I have my ever present assistant to help show off all the hard work she did. Her biggest contribution would be the dog hairs you can see if you really look at the details in the pictures.

The back of the quilt turned out very nice. I used an old bed sheet and sewed together some scraps to make a stack of design up the middle.

As for the binding I used a 3 inch binding folded in half. You better sit down for this...I actually hand stitched the binding to the back.

I don't know that I used the right technique to hand stitch, but it really looks nice. The binding took the longest of all the steps. It was maybe 3 hours, but I was watching TV while I did it over a few nights. It was a nice hobby to keep my hands busy, and I actually didn't hate it as much as I thought I would.

Now I just need some cold weather and the holiday season to get some good use out of it!

In other good news, Holly finished her crazy quilt as well. Maybe she will share a picture when she gets a chance.

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  1. I learned to appreciate hand sewing last summer. I hate just sitting around watching tv, but sitting there doing something crafty while watching tv is fine. Very relaxing.

    The quilt is lovely. I really like your technique, and it could be fun to do with all sorts of colour schemes, sizes, and scales. :) The back is really interesting, too. Better than just a plain background!

    Also, I think your assistant is trying to tell you that she's alright with you taking pictures, but would like her blankie back now. lol