Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are those hot pink squirrels?

Why yes, yes they are.

I just put this top together and saw my dog-loving neighbor. I threw it over the balcony and unfurled it in all its glory. "Look what I'm making Brindy for Christmas!" She looked for a minute and said, "Are those hot pink squirrels?" It was a hit. She thinks I should make a line of hot pink dog toys. I may need to do that.

As you can see I got the top together. There are a few weird seams, but overall it went very well. I love it even more all put together.

Here is a closer view of the details. I was worried the squirrels would clash with the rest of it, but I really love how it came together.

Her is the princess sitting on the quilt top while I tried to take pictures inside while sneaking kisses on my hand. No wonder that dog is my best friend; she's my biggest fan to boot! I have quilt club tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some advice on my wonky things and get it sandwiched tomorrow as well as my Craftsy blocks of the month. After this is done I need a garment. I have some knit that may need to be a dress. :-)

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  1. When did you become such a talented quilter?! Omg I love the squirrels. HOT PINK SQUIRRELS!!