Monday, January 2, 2012

Block of the Month and Squirrel Quilt

One of my New Year Resolutions I have been thinking on for a couple of weeks was doing a block of the month club. I really like quilting and creating quilts that will be used and loved for years, but I am a pretty bug novice and would like to become more proficient. Most traditional block of the month clubs are held by quilt shops and quilters guilds. They complete one block a month using a new technique and have a finished product in a year or however many months the program goes on. I know me. I would find reasons not to go and probably drop out while blowing a lot of money. Then, I found the prefect solution!!!! is a web site I have been lurking on for a while. They offer various classes at a reasonable cost online. They announced for 2012 they will be hosting a block of the month club for free! January is a slashed block month and we are making an asterisk block and wonky pound sign block. There is a 28 minute video tutorial and a PDF version of the directions. The information is also available for as long as you would like it, so say you remember your resolution in June, well, it's not too late! I'm really excited about this. They are using some fancy fat quarters, but I got a couple yards of three solids to work with to make it manly. I plan on giving it to Mr. Thinks He Can next year for Christmas. If you join the class I'd love to hear it so we can share blocks and tips.

I am using navy, white and light blue for now. If I feel I need more colors I may add in some grays. I just think blue and white quilts look so clean.

As for my assistant's quilt, I got the squirrels appliqued.

Appliqueing was easy, but the stitching was tedious. I think that is all I had in me tonight. I hope to get the top put together tomorrow.

For the shape I Googled 'squirrel silhouette" I got a lot to choose from. The original is on top. I like a squirrel with a flipped back tail, so I redrew it myself. When cutting it out I also smoothed out a few of the details to make it easy to use. I love how it is turning out. 

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