Thursday, January 26, 2012

French Roses quilt update

I have discovered something about quilting. It doesn't make for fascinating blogging. It takes a while and in this case I am making the same thing 25 times before I move on to step two. Each of the 25 things takes about 10 minutes. In other words is a bit of a slow go. Here is my update though.

Here is how my flowers are shaping up. I have 15 (the ones on the left) fully together and the blocks all connected. I have a few spares that are put together. This quilt does feature an interesting way of putting the flowers together.

Here is a close up of one quilt block.  Remember, around the edges the fabric will fray, so the thread will be less obvious. It features two leaves and four flowers layers. You put the leaves on first and then the first layer. Then you cut the inside out. You can see what I am taking about on the back.

That way the most layers you are sewing in is two. That is much easier than sewing through five layers. I hope to have this top done by next weekend.

I am also joining a shirt a month challenge that Doobee brought to my attention. I need to get on that! I may do a Clover shirt or an old stand by since the quilt is taking up my time right now.


  1. Ooo I LOVE the overall look of it, with all those lovely flowers! I've been considering a new summer-weight blanket for my bedroom, and uh...I WANT THIS! :D I like the trick about layering the fabrics, too. I'll have to keep that in mind. :)

  2. This is just beautiful. I love the colors.. Fantastic.. And you are so right. quilts are sooooo slow.. I must tell off on myself....When my daughter was 10 or 11 yrs old, she and I went to the fabric store ,picked out fabric for a quilt for her bed.I started it right away, even took it to the hospital,where I worked as Respiratory Therepist, and during my down time, would work on it. Well, my daughter is now 39 yrs old.And about 3 mos ago, I found the quilt top, almost finsihed in a box in my closet. I had totatlly forgotten it. I took it out, finished up the top, and took it to a lady to quilt for me. Once I get it back, I am going to give to my daughter. Now.. I would say, thats a long Do you think she will be shocked???hahaha

  3. I'm working on one now - French Rose - what does your completed one look like? I'd love to see it!!

    1. I've actually made 2 now and loved them both!

  4. On the French rose quilt are the sections just for the flower single or are they doubled . Then stitched onto the background square 1/4 inch in ?