Friday, July 6, 2012

I may have overestimated my piping skills

I know, I have been missing for awhile. I have had this bodice lurking in my room for while.

Now, it looks OK (really washed out photo, but no one wants to see me in that). I was so happy with my last version of this dress. The piping made the collar a bit stiff, which made it want to go wonky. It was like it had a life of its own. It wanted to stick out or curl up. I wound up trying something new about three times before I settled on this. Perhaps one successful bag does not a successful piper make. I'm sticking with it though. I think now that I got the bodice down the rest will come together easier. I will add sleeves to this version of  McCall's 6503. I only plan to add piping around the midriff from here. I hope to knock it out this weekend and have some photos to share with you.

In other news I have not had much time for sewing. Yes, it is summer, and I have it off. I am taking classes to complete my real estate certification. It has been so much fun. I originally bought the classes as a Groupon, and with me selling my house recently and looking for a new one I thought what could it hurt. I have to plug Spencer School of Real Estate in Houston here. I was thinking I would just take these classes for my own knowledge. The staff and classes have been so awesome and uplifting, I may just get my license and try to sell some real estate in addition to my teaching. If you are ever thinking of getting your Texas realtor's license I can't say enough good about the school.

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  1. Good luck on your classes. Proud your enjoying them..
    Can't wait to see this dress.Know it will be pretty. I liked your eyelet version so well.. I went and bought the pattern.. [Hancocks $1 pattern sale..oh its to]
    thanks for sharing.