Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Vogues are out

There was some good, some bad and some ugly. It's Vogue, it's always a good mix of the three. I would like to start with one I found particularly interesting.


This is Vogue 1312. An "interesting: dress that I definitely could not pull off. The styling though reminds me of the opening scene of Eyes Wide Shut when Nicole Kidman is sitting down, and we quickly discover she is on the toilet. Doesn't the picture have a hover over the pot look to it?

Now let's focus on some positives. I'm looking at some I could see myself making AND wearing.


8833 Is not fantastically exciting, but I could see myself wearing it to work or out and about. It also has several sleeve options which is great for me.


Vogue 1315 is right up my alley. It is basically a sweatshirt I can wear as a dress with pockets. I would make it longer to be work appropriate, but it looks really comfortable. I could see this is school colors with a school logo and a name on it to make it "Spirit Attire". I work in a school. That's how I roll.

Line Art

Vogue 1323 is a Rachel Comey, which Sallie O has me wanting to try from all her great projects. I love the shirt and plan to make it. I kind of like the pants, but I think I need to be about a foot taller to pull that off.


Vogue 8829 is my most extravagant pattern choice. It is one I am on the fence if I would wear or not. I love a good shirt dress, and I love the bow blouse trend, but in my job a bow around the neck can also be seen as a good grip/noose to grab me by. I really do love my kids, but it is better to be proactive than reactive. Maybe this could be a fun holiday dress...


Vogue 8827 is one of my favorites, but a complete fabric monster. For a knee length dress it takes 4.5 yards of 44" fabric and 5 3/8 yards 60" fabric. Ouch! It is way cute though, and if I find some nice cheap fabric that strikes my fancy I am all over it.


  1. Some very pretty patterns,. I really like the wrap top.. Can't wait to see what you make next.Happy sewing.

  2. I'm never much of a fan of Vogue patterns. They just always seem...big and baggy or strange, and just not up my alley at all. These don't look too bad, but I've other patterns that I like better. Still, I'm sure I'll love everything that you make and then promptly go out and buy the pattern so I can copy you (someday). not see where the 4.5-5.5 yards of fabric go in that last dress. Is there a petticoat underneath? Do they line and underline the entire thing? Did the model eat it? Weird.

    1. Then instead of making these, I'll buy what you make and finish those patterns instead. It's a vicious cycle with you!

  3. That is a lot of fabric!!! I checked for the amount in centimetres (Australian measurement) and it is 4.6 for the short dress and a whooping 5 metres for the longer version - do you know how many tops I could get out of that much fabric???
    And just how crazy are some of the poses this time round - especially the 'potty sitting one' you pointed out...
    ✿ Judy
    made by J

    1. I still can't figure out where all the fabric goes! It should have a train or something!

  4. Loved your comment about the bow on the dress! Very interesting about the pants -- I detest them, but then again, they would look horrible on me. I wasn't crazy about this batch of Vogues, but I do think the blouse is cute and that 1315 would be great if lengthened!