Monday, September 17, 2012

Polka Dot Shirt

OK as a disclaimer here are new things I did with this shirt:

  • Raglan Sleeves
  • ITY knit
  • Wrap front anything

So Simplicity 2369 is highly rated, and it should be, this is the best fitting knit experience I have ever had. Here is what happened...

I put in the raglan sleeves, checked the pattern and put the neck facing. However, I was so excited I had done raglan sleeves that I then went all ego-crazy and decided I could wing it from there.

Facing fail! I serged the facing on, but it kept rolling and exposing my lazy girl serger thread. I had to zig zag it down. 

Overall you can't tell. It is a bit low cut, but I wore it to watch football yesterday and no one noticed, of course. I have not hemmed it yet because I am out of white does that happen? Anyway it is knit and it won't unravel. I did find I liked the raglan sleeves and the bell shaped sleeve. The ITY was a bit stuffy when I was out and about though. Overall it will be worn and loved, but the next one will go better and cover more cleavage. 

Next up: an even stuffier fleece sweatshirt from my Craftsy course. I am loving it!

Don't mind my crazy face and hair, I had been tracing my Junipers!


  1. Very nice indeed - looks good on you. Fun print.

  2. AAAH I LOVE IT! But then, I love polka dots. I still have to make up that cardigan with the fabric you sent me. (Someday)

    I really like purple on you! And while it's a bit low cut, it doesn't seem to gape at all so you look covered. Wraps are annoying to get right, but I think you did well here! And I totally can't see your whoops. :D

    1. Oh yeah! That is part of the mini wardrobe right? Thanks!

    2. Eh, let's not talk about the mini wardrobe...