Saturday, September 8, 2012

What?!? I'm sewing something!

That's right. I haven't sewn in while, garments anyway. I miss it. I have had a great piece of purple polka dot knit I bought during my drug fueled fabric shopping spree back in February burning a hole in my stash. When I saw Lucinda from Sew Wrong do her version of Simplicity 2369, which I have had in the cabinet for quite a while, I knew it was destiny.

OK, I haven't gotten far yet, but it is something! I think the other school teachers can agree with me the beginning of the school year hots us like a ton of brinks. 

You: Well Stacie, you had eight weeks off before that.

Dang! Well, I got my Realtor's license and have been looking for a house to buy ever since. I have seen so many houses I could cry, oh wait, I have cried because I haven't found the right one. So maybe I need to quit looking so hard and do something to get my mind off of it. Oh yeah, I really miss sewing. Despite the inconvenience of my present living situation to my sewing, I will persevere. I did make an unblogged pair of Clovers, and it was just fine.

In other news I have been training for a 5k. That is a big deal for me. Before my foot injury I was a runner, triathlete and all around bad a$$. Now I'm back huffing and puffing through a couple miles. My goal race is the Houston Texan's Run Of The Bulls September 23 with brunch to follow with some of my fabulous and sweaty friends if anyone is interested in joining me! Beyond that I was granted a slot in the Houston Half Marathon in January. Last year I didn't get to run anything and the year before that I traveled to New Orleans to run theirs. I loved it! It will be nice to run my hometown again though!

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  1. Good luck with your running! So glad to hear you're getting back into it (even if it's a little tough now). I always want to be a runner, but I suck at keeping up with it. Perpectual procrastinator, me. Actually, that explains a lot about me. :D

    Also, can't wait to see your new top! I'm working on something too, but I need to tweek the fit, and then set in sleeves. Nothing brings out the Procrastination like setting in sleeves. Maybe you and I will both finally make up something this month! Maybe. Hopefully. Uh...