Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sewing with Knits Yoga Pants

I didn't really consider the yoga pants a must have from my Sewing With Knits class. Then, you guys started telling me you would make the yoga pants if you were to win the class the Craftsy donated. To enter, go here. To join Craftsy and get all their great e-mail offers go here!

I had exactly one yard of "brushed polyester jersey knit," which happened to be just enough for a pair of cropped pants, minus the! Not really, they are cool without the pockets. I have already walked the dog in them. I also cut them out and sewed them in less than an hour. Notice the Texans 5K shirt? That's right, I finished my race this weekend. Whoop!

I like the length and fit of these pants. I also see me making some of the shorts for the summer. I do not see me running in these at all because of the inside seam. That can get uncomfortable if you know what I mean. I would lift weights in them for sure, and after work I usually come home and change into something cool and comfortable to walk the pooch in. OK, and I live in them all weekend too. 

I can't believe my belly button is on the internet now, but here is the fold over waistband. It is cute and a nice feature. 

Don't forget to enter to win the Sewing With Knits Class for yourself! Go here to enter and I will be drawing a winner September 30, 2012.


  1. Really cute.. and looks comfortable.. Happy sewing.

  2. Congrats on finishing your race!! Your pants are super cute and cozy looking, so congrats on that too. :)