Sunday, October 21, 2012

(Sc)Oops I did it again....

Oh I'm so punny! Yes, I did it again. Last week I watched my v-neck video from my Sewing with Knits class from Craftsy. I picked out a yummy charcoal gray cotton jersey, washed dried, cut...then realized I had used the scoop neck patterns. I have to admit I am not too upset, because I like this one even better than the red version.

I have crazy face because I am loving how soft the shirt is. 

I wore it to Holly's yesterday and she said my collar looked for professional than the collar she had on the shirt she bought and was wearing. So, now you get a close up of it.

Then, Holly AND Mr. Thinks He Can both said my shoulder seams looked well done. Well, I had to include a picture of that (and again some crazy face). I think I look extra crazy because I have been sick and on Sudafed for a couple days. I even woke up at 4:30 this morning and decided to drive to the beach, then came home at 11 and took a nap. All my patterns are off now and Sunday has felt like two days. I guess I look appropriately crazy.


  1. Stacie, I think i need this class .. I would love to learn to make such cute tshirts.. I have always been scared to sew knits..My only knit sewing has been making leggins for the grandaughters.ha
    this looks great..Hope your feeling better..

  2. HAHA I love crazy!face Stacie. :D I love this top too. Hmmm, if I were able to sew at any speed faster than 1 hour/month, then I might consider buying this class. Looks like you're getting some good stuff out of it.