Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quilt Festival Anyone?

I have not been this excited in awhile. Holly and I are going to the quilt festival on Saturday, and I am wound up like a kid at Christmas. We have times, and strategies, and feel like pros this year. As a matter of fact, Holly is a total pro! Check out this awesome Wonky Little Quilt from Such Designs she made. 

She bought the pattern at the International Quilt Festival last year, and the lady who was at the booth was so nice we both remember her. Apparently the pattern was super easy and well written too. Side bar, Holly added that dark strip herself because it looks like a garden was a scrap from her tablecloth we made!

I swear she sent me this picture and ten minutes later the quilt was done. It is so dang cute too. Is anyone else going to the quilt festival in Houston this weekend?

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