Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paradiso Designs and Craftsy at the Quilt Market

I was planning a big Quilt Market review, but it was a lot of the same this year. Plus, the other bloggers are doing a great job showing new lines of fabric and designs. What did take my breath away was my discovery of a new pattern line - Paradiso Designs out of Seattle. I met Cheryl Kuczek at the show, and her bags stopped Holly and I in our tracks. Literally. If you are making it by Quilt Market today she is on the front side of aisle 200. If not, don't despair. Paradiso Designs has an online store!

I fell in love with the Urbanista Hobo. It is fun, functional and filled with pockets. That is a balloon inside the bag in the picture above, so it is a good sized bag.

Yes, that is pleather on the bag. I was nervous about working with it, but Cheryl assured me that a walking foot would work just fine. On the pattern she recommends thread to help get the job done.

Here is the official photo from the website.

And here is my bag to be! I have always wanted to work with Echino linen, and here it is. I found a tan ostrich pleather at Vogue Fabrics I was thinking of using, Cheryl gave me this fantastic red alligator pleather that she, Holly and even Mr. Thinks He Can agree would be much more fantastic. What would I do without the brilliant minds around me?

This is the Fancy Shmancy vest Cheryl designed. The front looks like a vest, but the corseted back vest is such an amazing element!  Is it just me or would this vest have a great Steampunk vibe? 

Here is the official pattern photo from the web site.

I did not get to see this live, but how cute is this pug applique offered on the website? Clothes, bags, appliques... I am really excited about this new-to-me-brand and the multi-talented Cheryl Kuczek!

What?!?! You're not convinced yet? They offer a free pattern on their website for a cross body bag that is the perfect size for your iPad that you can see above. I think Holly is planning on making a cross body bag, so I will post our bags when we complete them.

Another highlight of the Quilt Festival? I totally ran into Caroline from Craftsy who gave me the Sewing with Knits Class to giveaway! I was strangely star struck, and I think maybe a bit of a freaky Craftsy fan. I am a little ashamed of my own giddiness actually... Do you see that gray quilt to the right? That is the final product from the 2012 Free Block of the Month Class (did it slip there will be a 2013 BOM class coming up...I think it did!!!). BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! It has been free motion quilted in their new class with Leah Day, Free Motion Quilting a Sampler. All I can say is amazing! If you have not signed up for a Craftsy class yet, I encourage you to at least sign up for their site because they offer a lot of discounts on classes as well as on fabrics and yarns. They are also a huge platform for independent pattern designers, and some of the patterns are even free! Check it out, you won't regret it.


  1. Love the bag..Can't wait to see yours finished.. Looks like you had lots of fun.So happy for you..
    Thanks for sharing all the pretty stuff.

  2. Stacie,
    It was wonderful to meet you as well!! I know that your bag is gonna look good with that lovely fabric...and the red will just enhance it!!
    I am so excited that you liked my designs!! sew rama...take your time and breathe!
    Cannot wait to see your result!