Sunday, November 11, 2012

$12 at a good estate sale

I found an estate sale yesterday of a fellow seamster. She had been sewing and quilting for a very long time. She had an amazing stash. She had boxes and boxes and boxes of fabric that women were hauling out, but what we most had in common were her bags of notions.

I grabbed four giant freezer bags of stuff and the handful of lace seam bindings. I got so many great things!

Piping! Including the red and green polka dot piping I must add!

About 20 packages of bias tape. My favorites are the polka dots and stripes.

I got an entire bag of elastics!

I love the rainbow and striped ones. The one I am holding kind of reminds me on men's underwear.

Hem Facing! I love lace hem facing.

And look at all the seam binding there on the bottom left. 

Here is a bunch of snaps and hook and eyes and bedazzling and googly eyes. I like that wooden belt buckle.

And finally a sack of lace. Big lace, small lace, colored and white is all here. I don't use lace very often as an embellishment, but there are a few here I would really like to use.

What a score for $12!


  1. Stacie.. oh what fun.. and all these lovely things for $12. I too, love the stripe and polka dots. tooo pretty!!!
    I happened upon a yard sale , about 2-3 yrs ago, and an elderly lady was selling out all her seiwng stuff. I got tons of notions too. It was
    the most fun day..
    Congradulatons on a great find..

  2. Congratulations on an epic haul! Good for you! How do you find these great sales? I look at the ones around here and there's just nothing to be had. What's your secret? (I it's the truth when I say I do not live anywhere near you!)

    1. I usually go to Craigslist in the garage sale section and type in sewing and see what comes up. This sale had a picture of her craft room, so I knew there was a lot. I just didn't know what it all was.

  3. Looks like a good haul. I wish I could go to awesome estate sales! Clearly I must somehow make it to Texas sometime so you can take me. :D

    1. Please do! Because I have beef with you that is. Because of all your knitting awesomeness I had to go out and sign up for knitting classes. :-) Estate sales are a bit sad sometimes, but I feel like it is good some of the little things can be given good use.