Monday, November 19, 2012

Finally, a man quilt

I am so tired of hearing about how my assistant got a quilt for Christmas, but Mr. Thinks He Can did not. As a quick reminder, this is the quilt I made for Brindy.

It has hot pink squirrels on it and purple hedge hogs. It became in experiment in the absurd and somehow worked out amazingly. In the end, she loves it, does not share, takes complete ownership, and even if it had turned out horribly, would have felt the same way. For my second quilt ever she was a perfect giftee. A grown man would not be swayed by such adorable gimmicks.

I saw this quilt at quilt market ad thought it would be a perfect man quilt. Nothing cutesy, but still pleasant. I felt this would be perfect. It was sold as a kit that contained a layer cake, background fabric and binding from Moda's Basic Grey Little Black Dress Line. It is very menswear inspired. The pattern is Thimble Blossoms's Piece of Cake 3. I have never really been drawn in by precuts like a layer cake or jelly roll, but I am totally won over now! 

I cute out this whole quilt in 15 minutes. Also, Holly taught me that sewing a quilt top on a serger is super fast and easy, and I'll be danged if she isn't right. I love this pattern and this quilt! Updates to come soon! I'm thinking about backing it with minky. Has anyone ever done that? Yay or Nay?


  1. Quilting in Minky is difficult to say the least. It has to be stitched much closer together because it stretches and grows. If you stitching it yourself, then you at least know what your getting into. If your sending it to someone else to quilt, then you have to make sure they have backed a quilt in it before. You cannot tie at Minky backed quilt and expect it to last.

    1. Thanks for setting me straight! I went with a flannel instead.

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