Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art Gallery shirt

This post is going to be all over the place. I have made this pattern a few times, but each time I try something new.

This is Simplicity 2599 which I made with some Art Gallery fabric I bought at the Quilt Festival. It is quilting cotton but has such a nice feel to it. I loved so many of their prints! I made the usual short waist adjustment and cut the back on the fold to skip the button since it is unnecessary.

On this one I removed quite a bit of ease out of the sleeve cap after I was inspired by Green Apple's tutorial on how. What I did find though is having less sleeve brought my shoulder down a little bit more, so next time I will cut my shoulder in a bit, but I do like the way the cap fits.

This is how the sleeve looked on my last sleeved version. It was pretty dang puffy, but you can see it isn't pulling the shoulder down like the newer version.

I also hemmed the sleeves a new way. I serged my raw edges then used Steam A Seam Lite to hem them after I saw the post on 3 Hours Past the Edge on the uses of fusible webbing tape. I plan on being an abuser, because this method worked quite nicely and was super easy. It also allowed me to leave the length in my sleeves which came out a bit short after the sleeve cap experiment. 

So I love the shirt and please be sure to check out Green Apples and 3 Hours Past for the awesome tutorials. Also two of my students told me (or signed) they liked my shirt. I have eight students total, so either it really looks that good or they were just glad to see something else make the rotation!


  1. Love your new top..Looks great on you and really comfortable.. I need to get that pattern..[Oh no, there I go again, ha. I have a ton of patterns, but yours always turn out so cute..thanks for sharing. Happy sewing.

  2. You've had so much success with this top, I think I need to give it another chance. :) I really like this version, even if the shoulders are being pulled down. Maybe if you round out the bottom of the sleeve (at the hem), the sleeve will enough length to keep the shoulder from pulling down? (I'm probably making this up, but I think it's a length issue. Maybe?) Or maybe the sleeve head just needs more height? It's not really noticeable though, at least not from here. I hope you get lots of use out of it!

    BTW, good on you learning to adjust the sleeves! Last time I read a section on adjusting the sleeve head, my brain rebelled and I had to soothe it with a cup of tea and a promise not to try that again anytime soon. Your brain is more resiliant than mine! lol

  3. Fantastic I love all of your versions they are very pretty. Its funny how well clothes look in quilt fabric. Sometimes they are the prettiest versions. I will have to look into this pattern for summer!! Very clever!