Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Sewing has commenced!

I love how this little dish towel and pot holder set turned out. I like it so much everyone I know in the whole world might get one. OK, maybe not, but the list definitely got longer.

I bought a couple of yards of Christmas fabrics this year. I had batting, Insul-bright and scraps on hand, so I figured kitchen stuff was the way to go. Everyone uses kitchen stuff, right? Especially near the holidays when you are making treats!

I started with the potholder, which is about 10 inches square. It is really just a tiny quilt. As you can see I got creative in my quilting. I still need to hand sew the binding to the back, but that will be easy. Sewing my binding is my favorite part of any quilt.

On the towel I just winged it. I bought plain white dish towels from target and just decorated the end with a ruffle and a strip of potholder matching Ho! Ho! Ho! fabric. 

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I am making a ruffle apron to match this set, and now I think I need to make a few more sets too! Merry Christmas Sewing!


  1. Very Christmas-spirited presents, and always needed at this time of year. They look super teamed together as a gift...J

  2. So cute. I love the ruffle you put on the dish towels.. Great idea..

  3. Ummm, me again! Your list just got even longer - 'cuz I want one, too! :)