Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Noodle wreath

One of my students made this today. I teach in a life skills class, so I have the severe and profound kids with disabilities. And one of them made this freaking adorable wreath! He was so proud of himself. There is minimal sewing to it, but I thought I would share the idea for other teachers or parents.

Take a pool noodle (I got mine for 50 cents) and bend it to make a circle. Fasten it together with packing tape, or some such fastener.

Sew together 5 lengths of fabric cut 2.25 inches by width of fabric at the ends to make one long continuous strip. Wrap the strip around the noodle to cover it. We actually attached our fabric with a stapler because it worked so well on the noodle.

Bask in the glory of all these cute wreaths. The various sprays I got two for a dollar at the dollar store as well. All we did was stick them through the material and noodle to attach them. Trust me, you have to love a project in my class with no hot glue involved!


  1. That is so creative,Stacie! The self- esteem of your students must have soared and been rewarding for you and their parents. They are very fortunate to have a teacher like you who really invests the time to have them learn in a loving,creative environment.

  2. Stacie , this is so cute.. What a great job, your student did. SO nice that you work with these kids.. and do these crafts with them.. Merry Christmas.

  3. If you put a small piece of dowel rod inside the pool noodle holes at the join part it help make that more perfect circle of the noodle.