Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas aprons


I love this apron! Actually there are two of them, because it is as easy to make one as two. I have made a couple of versions of the ruffle apron in the past, but it is perfect for Christmas.
Here is a front close up.

I love the back. I added a tag and pieced the back to give it a modern quilt look.

I added some vintage lace from one of the estate sales to the waistband as well as a ribbon. It just adds pizazz.

Here is one of the packages of the lace. There were three. It was originally 29 cents for two yards marked down to 25 cents. I had to cut off where the tape yellowed, but I think it turned out really cute. I wove the ribbon in because it just made sense.
Now on to the 15 minutes a day. I have been trying to squeeze in 15 minutes of sewing each day and have been quite successful. It keeps my projects frech on my mind. I also find that when I sit down for 15 minutes I really enjoy knowing I can stop. There is no pressure to complete a huge project or finish a garment start to finish. I also find that once I am sewing, I usually keep at it for quite a while. It has been a winning idea for me.

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  1. The aprons are adorable..Love them... And the Christmas tree is pretty too.. Happy sewing ..and Love that the 15 minute a day is working for you..