Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brain Surgery and Knitting practice

It has been slow going this week. I have worked on two projects.

First up, my first go at brain surgery. It was rough going, but now Monkey's brains have been stuffed back in his head. They were falling out, and this is after all, my assistant's favorite toy.

Yes, it is that important. Here they are napping together. 

And, now the knitting. I have been assigned 10 rows a day and just about made it minus yesterday. I did extra during Downton Abbey though. So my second knitting lesson is tomorrow. Where should I go from here? Can anyone suggest easy and quick patterns for me to try? I feel like with all the time knitting this week I should have had a blanket by now! BTW, I am staciethinks on!


  1. Looks Great!! I have dishcloth patterns that are cute and easy!

  2. Gosh...I was just reading Rhonda's blog and recognized you right away from our sewing with knits class...your hoodie that I like so much. I'm glad you have a blog!