Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Social Knitwork

OK, I can't take credit for the title. The Social Knitwork is where I took a beginner's knitting lesson with my friend Kelly today.

I very obviously don't know what I am talking about or doing, but Chris (spelling?), was a very patient teacher. She taught us to knit rows and cast on. She also taught us how to fix the mistakes we made over and over. My homework is 10 rows a day until our second lesson next Sunday.
The store is located in Old Town Spring, about 20 minutes North of Houston. There seemed to be a nice selection of yarn and tools, but I don't know enough to tell you what anything was. She also hosts a lot of classes for what seems to me very reasonable prices. So that's it for my first vague post about not much for 2013! :-) 



    Looks like you're doing a really good job too! Nice even tension, the edges look stright so far, and I love your yarn colour choice. And also I might be jealous of your pretty looking circular needles. :D

  2. Hi Stacy,
    Tried to reach you through comments, but it wouldn't let me??
    anyway, Just wanted to say thank you so much.. I made a tshirt and it is all because of your post. I saw all the cute shirts you were doing,and you kept telling how easy it was.. SO all your encouragement payed off and I did it.. and you are right, It was not hard to sew at all.. I used the zig zag stich and it worked fine. I serged the open seams.. So comfortable to wear too.
    I didn't have a real tshirt pattern, but this one worked fine.. thank you so much..

  3. WOW! you go girl... much better than a quick lesson in the car. haha