Saturday, May 19, 2012

Backseat Car Cover with tutorial

You may know I got a new car a few weeks ago. I'm trying to keep it nice, but my number one assistant tends to get paw prints and other stuff on everything. I figured I would make car seat covers for the car starting with the back, so I don't have to be worried about my little buddy messing up the car. She doesn't mean to. She just likes to ride!

I used about a 60" x 44" piece of main fabric, batting and backing fabric. I draped it on my seat with pins and cut around it. I did this with my muslin, which I used to back the cover. I also made double notches on both sides of each headrests to help me with webbing placement later.

I cut my back, batting and main fabric in the same shape. I placed my batting on the bottom, my main fabric right side up, and my backing fabric right side down.

I got these parachute buckles at Joann's. The package tells you what size webbing to get as well as how to assemble it all together. I used these to hook around the head rests. I thought about making buckle holes and things like that, but I figured quick release was just as good so humans would not have to ride on a dog blanket. I bet I have someone in my backseat besides the pup like once a year anyway.

I used safety pins to secure the webbing between the main fabric and backing fabric before sewing.

I sewed a 5/8" seam all the way around, leaving about an 8" opening on one side.

Turn it inside out. It's looking great!

I top stitched around the whole cover which helped secure the webbing and closed up the opening.

The headrest placement was great! The parachute clips connect right behind them to hold everything in place.

Here is how to clips look from the back.

I just tucked the edges around to make it look cute and was good to go. Now my riding buddy can run errands with me again.


  1. Nice cover! I will have to try to make one for my car. I have a one that I bought but it is not easy to wash and I want one that I can pop into the washer and dryer. What type of fabby did you use?


    1. Thanks! I used a quilting cotton for the front and muslin for the back. I used Warn and Natural for the batting because I had it on hand.