Monday, May 14, 2012

Darling Ranges Debut

After the upside down sleeve mistake the rest of the dress went together easily.

This is how I wore it to work today. I got several compliments, and it was very comfortable.

This is how it looks with no belt. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it, but I would change a few things. Actually I did change a few things. Read on.

Here is the back. It kind of feels like a 90's era baby doll dress. I had Doll Parts in my head all day. I also had to resist the urge to over pluck my eyebrows and line my lips in maroon.

I love the rayon challis I used. It is a bit stretchy, but not much. I also really love the mother of pearl buttons I found on Etsy.

I also love the bias binding neck finish. It looks like nothing from the outside.

Here is the neckline from the front.

I know you have been is the dress inside out! Does anyone else get excited about the inside out shot? I love the bias binding finishing. It looks so clean.

So the good:

  • The sew along on Megan's blog told me how to raise the neckline, which I did.
  • I love the neck finishing.
  • This dress was pretty darn easy!
  • I like the elastic sleeve finish.

The not so good:
  • I resemble Hole. I need to lengthen the waistline some. How to do that is also on her sew along, but that is unheard of for me. I always raise the waistline on patterns. I made this as directed.
  • I made this as directed and would change a few things:
    • I would not back stitch on the darts. I know this already, but I wanted to do this pattern as directed.
    • I would go ahead and stitch the shoulder seams when I do the side seams.
    • I would attach the sleeves before I sew on the skirt just to not deal with so much bulk.
What I changed:
  • I skipped the waist ties.
  • I shortened the sleeves.
  • I raised the neckline by 1".
I will sew this again with the few tweaks. I do like the dress and it is very comfortable. Plus, the customer service was to die for!


  1. Love this! That rayon is gorgeous-- great choice!

  2. So pretty! It reminded me of a 90's era baby doll dress when I saw it too, but that's not a bad thing! I really like it with the big belt. :) Nice job, Stacie!

  3. OMG I'd love to masturbate in that pretty dress