Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day updates

First off I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember the people that have served. 
I believe it is an American holiday, but I think all countries appreciate their troops one way or another.

This is a picture I took on the Seawall on Galveston Island this morning. Mr. Thinks He Can and I took a spontaneous road trip to the beach. I mean we woke up. I took my assistant for a walk at the park. We were in the car by 8:30 a.m. headed for the beach! It was a beautiful way to end a couple of stressful weeks. If you hate on sewing blogs not talking about sewing, you have been warned.

Remember how I sold my house? Well, we never found a place to live. We considered renting a beach house in Galveston, but it was too late in the season to find anything more than a 450 square foot apartment. I like the Mister and all, but it would have turned into a Mad Max kind of "two men enter, one man leaves" situation. Plus I couldn't fit my sewing stuff. On the other hand we couldn't find anything anywhere. By the end of last week I was going up to random people asking them if they knew anyone anywhere that would lend us a place to live. It finally paid off. We are moving two buildings over in the same condo complex and renting from a super nice neighbor I wish we had known sooner for a good price. Thank goodness!

Now I can get back to sewing instead of wondering around trying to find a good bridge to live under and scratching my own skin off. Yes, that is how stress shows up in my life. My hands begin to itch, peel, then bubble. I was in full on bubble mode. Thank goodness for neighbors who know neighbors!


  1. Oh wow. I'm glad you guys found a place to stay. Good luck house hunting!

  2. Yea.. so proud you found a place to rent.. Asking friends/neighbors usually the best way.ha
    THe beach trip sounds nice.. My daughter and family
    are heading to Destin ,Florida to the beach this weekend.
    THey are looking forward to it.. ooops...... I need to
    get sewing---- I have beach dresses to finish up for their
    Look forward to seeing ,what you sew next..