Saturday, May 4, 2013

Success and the Laurel contest

I'm really glad Colette had the Laurel contest. I didn't really think much of the dress at first, but dangling a carrot in front of me is always a good way to get a response. The dress turned out to be pretty flattering and a fun make.

I have been working since Thanksgiving to lose a little weight and am at about a 30 pound loss right now. I am finding it hard to find motivation to make much in the way of clothing because I am out shrinking my clothes. The last time I wore my Clovers that were such a killer fit, my husband told me I looked sick. But not the good kind of sick. I think the Laurel is the first thing I have really made myself in a while. It is nice to have a fitted garment and to see how my dress size has changed. Also, a dress I didn't think would be cute on me at all actually turned out to be awesome! So while I don't expect to win anything (have you seen some of the entries?!?!) I'm really glad to have been encouraged to try something new. Oh yeah, and to have some clothes that don't make me look sick! 

I bought these fabric for more Laurels. It is a very light weight sheer fabric. I think I will add some sleeves. I love that red one even more in person!

Also, I have some home decor fabric waiting to be made up. I need to make more of my blue and white curtains. The above fabrics will be in the master. From top to bottom I have drapes, comforter and finally the dust ruffle. We painted the house a very neutral color, so all these vibrant colors should look amazing. Now, I am just waiting for the tile in the washroom to be sealed and dry so I can prewash everything. The wait is driving me nuts!!!!


  1. Some lovely fabric there. Looking forward to seeing it made up.

  2. Stacie, Congrats on losing the proud for you. Your laurel dress and top are so pretty.. I wasn't going to buy the pattern either, and I got to seeing all the pretty ones on the blogs. So, I give in and ordered mine.. Came yesterday..
    I understand your not wanting to sew, while dieting.. Same thing here.. [dieting because of health issues] and I hate making something, only to find in a couple weeks, it doesn't fit right!!! and at my old age, nothing loses where it needs too.ha
    Love your new fabrics.. Happy sewing.