Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The crazy train to maxi town

That is a crazy print! I bought it from Fabric Mart to up shipping because it was a super cheap knit with some spandex content. I thought I could use it for toiles, but when I got it is was so soft and loud and I had to wear it all over.

This is my second version of McCalls 6559. You can read about my first one here. This is a really loud print, so I wanted a simple pattern to show it off. I knew this dress in a maxi version was the one I wanted to go with, but from my last experience I knew I needed to make some improvements.

First, I cut one size smaller that my measurements called for. I still wound up taking in about an inch and a half between the armpits and the waist! Also, to stop the neck and arms from stretching I hemmed them using a taut band and finished both off with a twin needle instead of just turning under.. I think that turned out phenomenal. The nice thing about this print is I just used whatever color I had a lot of, which was pink. Every color goes with this fabric!

Here is a fairly unflattering back view in which I look like a column. It is still not fitted, but I like it that way. I might also add a belt when wearing it out and about.

I wound up with a super comfortable and cool maxi dress that doesn't grow as I wear it.  Of course my assistant had to take some credit. 

Now a sneak peek....I just got my grubby little hands on this awesome pattern from Megan Nielsen, the Tania. I know what you are thinking...culottes, wtf? I'm dying to see them made up. Does it really look like a skirt? What if I face the camera with feet hips width apart? Will it still look like a skirt? If so, I will wear the crap out of this pattern. My job consists of lots of crawling around on the floor, and this would solve all the problems.


  1. That fabric just screams maxi dress. You have put it to good use. Lovely.

  2. What a pretty maxi dress. Great fabric.. Anxious to see your new pattern done.. Happy sewing.

  3. Sown in Brooklyn blogger just featured the Tania pattern. They are so cute. I am a believer now. I wasn't too sure about them before.

    Love the print of your dress. Loud can be fun.

  4. Your dress is lovely. I love the fabric!

  5. I used to love wearing culottes. I can't wait to see them made. I love how you describe the fabric as soft and loud. What a great maxi.

  6. Beautiful maxi that looks beautiful on you! I love the print/colors.