Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweet boy baby gift

I finally finished and gave my jungle quilt to my teacher's aide at work. Surprise! It was not something someone commissioned at all. I do this weird thing where I think everyone reads my blog and go into ninja mode. Guess what, ninja mode has never paid off. Anyway. This was made as a birthday gift for my aide who is an amazing lady and a grandmother to many happy children. The latest was a boy, who totally blew my gift giving by not only beating me out on getting closer to her birthday than I did but also arriving several weeks early. Thankfully he is perfect and is soon to find out he has the best grandmother in the world.

It was really rainy for a few days and time was of the essence in actually giving a month late birthday gift, so excuse the poor light I fell in love with this book panel, which is what inspired me to make a matching quilt. The book is called Jungle Alphabet and features a few of the little animal characters. I just love watching how my aid goes over books and colors and numbers in class, so when I saw this book I could imagine her matching the animals and doing the alphabet with all the little kiddos. 

The pages of the book are simple animal names to make up the alphabet. Some of the featured characters show up as the little stuffed dolls.

The center of the book is a pocket where all the characters can live when not being used.

I may regret it, but I used that aqua voile to line and bind the quilt against your advice everyone. It just matched so perfectly and was so soft. It will be nice for a light blanket which is all we ever need in Houston.

I hope the kids love that quilt as much as my other assistant love Mr. Thinks He Can's Christmas quilt. 


  1. This is adorable.. and your teacher assistant is so blessed to have such a sweet friend to make this for her.. And I know , as a grandma myself, she was thrilled with this adorable gift.. Happy quilting.