Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dog quilt update

OK, the fabric for the quilt came in, and I need someone to share my joy with. The Mister is not as excited by the dog's quilt as one would think.

Look! It just came in the mail and she promptly wagged her tail and sat her rear end on it. To my assistant, that is the ultimate honor you can grant an item or human. Yay!

This is my palette so far. I am using the Outfoxed line of fat quarters because she looks like the silhouette of the fox, and those hedgehogs are cute. Plus, her colors are in the autumn palette, and match her fur perfectly. That larger fabric there is David Walker Get Together Squirrels in Sorbet. Me and her have mad love for hunting squirrels together. I love it!

This is the pattern I am going to use. The large strip with the birds will actually be the squirrel material. You guessed it, instead of birds I'm going to attempt to make squirrels or stick with the squirrel/dog theme.

This is the book the pattern came out of. Mr. Thinks He Can got Simple Choices for me at the International Quilt Festival. I totally recommend it so far. I will update on the progress of the quilt though. I need 3 more coordinating FQs...what to do!

If you are interested, Simple Choices is 20% off here for the duration of December. It's worth a look!

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