Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crimson and Clover

I have been sitting on these Clovers for a week. Literally, I've been living in them. I wore them to work. I wore them to class, and I am happy to report they are fantastic. I do have to admit, I bought this red sateen, Viking Red sateen technically, from Joann's. It was cheap, and the last time I made pants I wound up doing a billion alterations and still don't care for them much. I figured this would be a wearable muslin if anything.

Sorry, they are a bit wrinkly, but like I said I refuse to take them off. They are a bit stretched out too from being worn and not washed yet. And they still look like a pretty good fit!

Here is the amazing butt. Made you look! No really, my awesome teacher Jenny had to teach me how to make an almond shaped butt dart from under my butt cheeks on my last pair of pants. She had no idea anyone could be so bottomless. These pants actually fit my rear quite nicely if I do say so myself. 

Check that out, there is a lump back there where most women keep there butts! I was hoping this would happen. A lot of reviews I read of these pants mentioned there were a lot of sway back adjustments or alterations so the pants would fit in the rear. When I read that I thought to myself, "Ah ha! All those women with the hour glass shape that look cute in everything have nothing on my apple shaped wonder body!" I bought the Clover pattern and just as I hoped, they did indeed fit.

I did make one alteration. Based on the pattern back I cut a 16 in the waist and graded to a 14 in the hips. I also left them a bit longer than the pattern directions stated. I am 5'5, and if you are any taller than me and want regular length pants I recommend you add a couple of inches to the length.

Lets talk guts. I finished the inside facing as well as the hem with black double fold lace that I had in my stash. At this point I had tried the pants on and knew they were keepers, so I wanted to kick it up a notch. I also added my new customized label I got from Jennifer's Jewels on Etsy. It matches my blog!

Here is the hem of my pants. I covered the raw edge in lace and folded it up about half an inch. I was really short on length for a proper hem, but it worked out.

Here is my top stitching around the waist. Isn't the color Christmasy?

Invisible zipper...meh. It could be better, but I had a zipper in there originally that the pull came off of. I wound up having to deconstruct and reconstruct to get a new zipper in. You can't tell when I wear them.

One last look. I love them. I already have some charcoal colored sateen in my room waiting to become a pair of Clovers. Maybe today!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love them! They look fantastic on you! I love the colour, and the finishing inside is a lovely touch.

    I want to try these things, but I'm very hippy (in the lumpy way, not in the 60's way), and straight pants like these are terrifying on my curves. BUT I LOVES THEM I DO!

    Aaaand I'm incredibly jealous of your tags. :D I want to make my own too!

  2. Love these!!! What a great idea to make them in crimson sateen (love the post title too!) just perfect!!

  3. Awesome pants!
    I've been hoping you'd share the final pictures soon! You look great pretty mama!

  4. I love your Christmasy red clover pants..The fit is great.. Enjoy...

  5. You look gorgeous! Well done you !