Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yummy charcoal Clovers

Greetings from Santa's Sweatshop! Whew! I feel like all I have done for a few days is sew my fingers off to get everything done. It has all turned out well though.

I finally had an opportunity to take a picture of my second pair of Clover pants in the day light. I made these a few days ago and just got too busy to take pictures.

Never mind my weird face. I made this from a charcoal sateen I ordered from Mood. It seems a bit thicker and better quality than the fabric from Joann's I used last time.

My red pair tends to stretch out during the course of the day, so I made my seam allowance a quarter of an inch thicker than last time. It make for a closer fit, so hopefully over the day they won't get too baggy.

Haha! Made you look again. And again, it is a great fit on my rear. Yay!

My assistant is such a picture hog. I had to get a shot of her on the blog or have hell to pay.

You can see a little bit of a bump at the bottom of my invisible zipper. I still haven't got that down, but this pair went smoother than the last pair. I left the length alone and finished the inside with white lace tape this time. I love the lacy insides.


  1. Stacie, these pants look great! I have read lots of good stuff about Colette's Clover pants, but was still on the fence about them. After seeing how well yours turned out, I think I'll give them a try. Thanks for following my blog, too! : ) Happy holidays and keep up the hard work in Santa's Sweatshop!

  2. These are super cute..I think I need to buy the clover pattern.. Just really scared of pants..eeeh.. Happy seiwng.

  3. What a beautiful color looking fancy in the daytime.

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