Wednesday, December 21, 2011

School House Tunic and embroidery advances

I know, I've been awfully quiet. Trust me, I've been working hard. I have a pair of Clovers in grey, pajama pants and half a Peony to show you, but I just can't catch the light to take any good pictures. Soon though. I do have a blast from the past to share. My first project I did on my own was the Sew Liberated Tunic. It was easy and went together well, but when it was done, I no longer cared for the print. I just came across it the other day - unhemmed, and finished it up.

I don't know if you did this when you first started sewing, but I would go into the fabric store, head for the quilting cotton, and grab the cutest thing I could find. Turns out being a grown up wearing a super cute print can be kind of weird. I'm more edited now, but I did enjoy wearing this yesterday.

See, it's not that bad.... let's take a look at the guts!

Look a Monet! Not bad from far away, but not great up close.

Apparently I finished the edges of the shoulder by... well, I guess I didn't at all, and now it is a frayed up mess!

None of the inside seams were finished actually.

The sleeves were turned up once and hemmed. Ouch! I think that was my first sleeve, and not my best effort. It is surprisingly cute from the outside considering what a mess the inside is.

Yesterday I also got to hang out with the most awesome seamstress and sewing know it all I know, Jenny! It was fun to hang out and talk blogs, hers is great, and sew. I took over my embroidery machine, and she taught me a lot about what I can do. I had no idea how awesome it is!

So I made Holly a super cute mug for Christmas. I had no idea my machine could do such cool stuff.

I made a couple of coasters that Jenny has a tutorial for. You should check it out.

I also made a quilt block for my assistant. She loves my Crazy Quilt so much, I had to make her her own.

Yeah, I'm that kind of dog owner. What I wouldn't do for my little mutt dog.

That is some close up quilt lovin' going on there. This is how she takes care of me when I am sick or hurt, she lays on top of my and passes out. Now why didn't I think of that?

Oh, and I don't know if you saw but the new McCall's are out.


How cute is 6503? I love all the versions! Check out the new patterns. There are a few good ones.


  1. Oh my gosh... you made me think back to my very first project. I was 15 and my mom took me to the fabric store for sewing lessons. I made a skirt with hook and eye closures. It was bad. Even worse-- I didn't ever wear skirts! :P

    I have to say-- your first project looks pretty darn cute! (Especially compared to mine!) :)

  2. I love it! Thank you for your (very) kind words! Amazing the choices we make as beginners...

  3. I think your first top turned out super cute.. As for the inside...we all started out, not worring about the inside,ha.. I like the fabric too..cute.

  4. Oh how funny that we used the exact same fabric for our first garments! Loved this post, and I know exactly what you mean -- just because we love the look of a print, doesn't mean we want to wear it! :)