Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holly and the big-bottomed, special needs chicken

LOL, I bet that gets Holly's attention!

So I was working on a pot holder Christmas present today that I have been playing with for awhile. Holly and I were inspired at the quilt show by all the cute owl stuff. I thought, "How nice would it be to make one for Holly for Christmas?" She even bought purple fabric to make place mats, so I coordinated!

Behold, Prototype 1: The big-bottomed, special needs (square headed) chicken.

I traced a pot holder I already have and used scraps to make the design on it. I used Wonder-Under to attache the scraps to the body of the potholder (corduroy). It went together really fast and looked great until I sandwiched it between the Insul-bright and batting. When I turned it inside out I had lost a bit of the owl's head.

I tried to rip it out and sew it again closer to the edge, but I still didn't get the results I want.

Here is a shot of his large bottom on the left side.

I really like how the tree and his feet turned out. I think I just need to make his head a bit wider.

Sorry I ruined the Christmas present surprise, but he was too funny not to share.


  1. OMG too cute! I think he looks great! What a fabulous idea and I totally want to steal. :D

  2. Once I get him perfected I will get the pattern and instructions out. That square headed chicken is growing on me.