Thursday, May 26, 2011

That Vogue, It's a Comin'!

So Holly and I made some significant advancements in the dress today! Thank goodness, I was so defeated after our last sew party. With your finely tuned eyes, I'm sure you can see what is left to be done, but here are some updated pictures. We are both worried though that it will wind up too small. It's going to be close, and we won't know until we get the sides together.
Here is a view of the front. There will be some serious hemming, but please note the attached loin cloth! Boo-yah!

Holly has noted that the pattern must have been talking about hand sewing the bodice pieces together. I didn't know how to take a decent picture of what I'm about to describe, but between those top chest pieces there is a straight shot to Boobville. Some tacking definitely needs to happen. It may be nice for nursing mothers though if they just want to add a snap!

This is were we stopped this evening. We got the zipper sewed in. What zipper you ask? Only my best invisible zipper to date!

Also, I have the Amy Butler Anna Tunic in dress length with lace overlay on the yoke and belt cut out and waiting for me. I'm hoping with the three day weekend I will finally catch up enough to work on it!

Man, it felt good to get to sewing again tonight! What are you working on?

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  1. It's looking good! It'll be very va-va-voom when it's done, I think. Hopefully without the vulgar of boobville! :)