Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fancy New Ruffle shirt

I have been working on that dang ruffled shirt. I am nearly done. I have just the sleeve facings and hemming left, but as we are getting new counter tops in the kitchen this week, the contents of my kitchen are on my sewing table. Boo! So here is my update.
It looks really nice. The fabric was not hard to work with except for the needle unthreading a lot. Actually wouldn't unthread so much as separate and turn itself into half the piece of thread making a nest above the needle and the other half of the piece actually sewing. If anyone is familiar with this problem I would love suggestions!

If I did this same shirt again, and let's be frank I totally am, I would make the ruffles with a fabric with a little less body. I didn't mean for this shirt to look so formal. It is beautiful and I will wear it, but it is a little fancy for what I was trying to achieve.

So remember, I cut the back on the fold, and last time I did not use facings but bias tape around the neck. I think this is how this weirdness happened. See the gap in the facing where the button would go? Consider yourself advised. I did use some lovely French seams again. I was warned I'd never go back, and it may be true.
The good news? I got a little crazy on last week and am expecting a shipment tomorrow! Expect not 1, not 2, but 3 new projects coming up not including the Vogue 1241 that my super fun sewing friend Holly and I are planning to start in the next couple of weeks. I think the fancy material went to my head because instead of navy sateen I went with black Shantung. I got a few lingerie style ball point universal needles. Let's hope that stops the weirdness!


  1. Your blouse looks very nice! :]

  2. This is really cute. As for your machine troubles, the common wisdom is that if your stitching is bad on the top, your problem exists on the bottom, or bobbin tension. If your stitching is bad on the bottom, the tension on the top is not right.
    I'd google tension problems with sewing machines and try some samples to perfect the stitch. Hope you have smooth sewing soon. That is maddening.
    Helen, not annonymous, just couldn't post otherwise