Sunday, May 1, 2011

A fancy new ruffle shirt

I was standing at the counter at Joann's admiring a woman's beautiful filmy material. She said she was using it to make a scarf. I said something along the lines that I was scared to use a fabric that fine and she said to me, "What do you think will happen? Will you break it?" Hmmm. Very true, what do I think will happen? Thank you whomever you were...

I had said earlier that I would love to make a fancy version of my ruffle shirt. I found a lovely (very cheap in case I break it) satin in beige with some nice sheer matching fabric for the ruffles.

As you can see this is Simplicity 2599, the same version as I had made in pink. I figured it was a familiar pattern to try some new materials.

It is hard to see but the satin fabric is a bit knobby, and the back is matte.
And this is where I nearly lost my religion! The filmy fabric seems to make my machine become unthreaded. I reminded myself sewing is a hobby I enjoy. I got halfway through this ruffle when it happened for the third time and decided that would be my stopping point for the day.

Overall the satin is not hard to work with. I starched the heck out of it, so it feels almost like construction paper. I used a ball point needle, maybe that's my problem? I checked the tension. I think I just need a good break from it, a little bit of time to think, some deep breathing exercises, and then I'll come back fresh at it tomorrow. Remember, sewing is an enjoyable hobby.

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  1. I love your mantra! Good idea to leave it and come back later. I have no advice for you, since i've yet to branch out much from cotton. The ruffles look really lovely in this fabric, though!