Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vogue 1241 update

We finally got to work on the Vogue 1241 I've been talking about for awhile. Mine went together fairly well. I starched the shantung which made it quite easy to sew. I decided to use the dull side as my right side. Holly used a blackberry sateen, and had some weird issues with the gathering, but overall we are doing OK. I took a few pictures as updates. I do know for sure though the picture on the pattern envelope does not do this pattern justice.

This is the dress placed together and laid out. This is as far as you get before you start working on the lining.

This is the dress without what we have dubbed as the loin cloth piece. That seems to get attached with the lining. This is my first time since my Crepe in attempting a lining, so I am trusting the pattern on this one.
So before you line the front of the dress consists of the bodice halves attached to the two side pieces along with the loin cloth. As crazy as these pieces looked cutting them out, it made a lot of sense after putting it together. I didn't adjust any of the pattern pieces for my short waist and if you ever get this pattern you'll see why. It really is a bunch of crazy pieces!

This is the two back pieces. I am hoping the gathers do not serve as built in muffin top.

I cut this pattern out in a larger size than I need to make up for the fact I may need to tailor it a bit after it is made. We plan on working on it again this week, so watch for another update!

**One hint, I got 1 7/8 yards of material for the lining and came up short by about 6 inches. Holly didn't come up short on hers. Use your judgement. I can tell I am going to have to make it shorter already.

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