Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Update on the dress

I don't have pictures for this update on the Vogue 1241, because as of last night we got as far as attaching the lining, flipping it right side out, pressing it, attaching the fronts along the front bodice piece...oh yes, all very productive... Then there was the loin cloth pieces. We spent much time staring at the pattern, attaching, unattaching and then staring at the pattern some more. Then my thread starting doing the bunching up thing again like it did with my fancy ruffle shirt. Luckily between Glee and a neighbor we were distracted enough to put it away. :-) We will get back to work on it soon. I'm hoping I have a lightbulb moment in which it comes together in the loin cloth area. Hopefully next time I will actually take some pictures as well.

A few things to watch out for if you are making this one. One of my bodice pieces came out much longer than the other where it joins up with the loin cloth. Also, one shoulder strap would up a lot wider. Easy fixes, but mysteries of the universe indeed.

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